Depression Vs Cold Water Swimming.

IMG_6485You’re crazy.

You’re an idiot.

You’re mental.

You are amazing.

Isn’t it dangerous?

Thats just a few of the things that I hear all the time when I tell people that I like to swim in cold water.

In terms of being “mental”… What does that even mean? Have I struggled with Post-Natal Depression? yes, twice. Have I struggled with other depression? Yes, on occasion. Have I spent time in a psychiatric hospital because of it? yup. I think many people might tick one of those boxes. And of the mothers reading this there will be some two box tickers for sure. There seems to be a lot of interest recently in the mental health benefits of cold water swimming. The National press are covering it, with a piece in The Guardian last month – read it here,  The Guardian

So far I have been lucky enough to write two articles about what swimming means to me – and to my mental health. I’ve shared them below.

The wonderful and inspiring Sam at Sporting Heads reached out recently and asked if I would share what swimming means to me for his awesome site – here is is Swimming – My Happy Place.

I’ve also written about how swimming helps me be a better parent and my battle with Post-Natal Depression for The Motherload, a supportive and non-judgemental group of mummies – here it is – Swimming Saved Me – What Will Save You?

Depression vs cold water

In a battle. Who would win? I can’t speak for everyone but for me – cold water

Every time

Something happens.

After the intial shock and once my breathing steadies. My mind clears. My skin tingles and everything just. Leaves. All the worry and the fear vanishes. I can’t honestly think of a practise more mindful. Because I have to be fully present in the moment, and as a busy working mother thats very very hard unless I am in the water. I have to listen to and feel my body. When my little finger starts to contract and I start to feel cold. Time to get out.

But until then. Just me and the water… and my breathing.

I’m definitely crazy about swimming.

Maybe a little crazy in other ways too.

Truth is. I’m absolutely fine with that.

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